Cedar Valley provides quality mental health care for children, teens, families and couples through therapy, education and advocacy.


Our Mission

Relationships are an important part of the therapy Cedar Valley provides. We value family relationships and collaborate with you to find a path to treatment that works for you and your family.

Cedar Valley is committed to finding what works for clients and to helping professionals develop quality care.

For Children...

For Teens...

  • Play Therapy: helping children with emotional expression through play
  • Addressing concerns such as: trauma, family change, difficult behaviors, adoption/foster care
  • CBT: helping children manage thoughts and behaviors
  • Family changes
  • Family & life changes: divorce, social issues, parent communication, trauma
  • Chemical dependency assessment and treatment
  • Addressing concerns such as: depression, anxiety, teen pregnancy, friendship or family relationship troubles
  • Self harming behavior

For Adults & couples...

For families...

  • Pre-Marital therapy: Including PREPARE/ENRICH
  • Marital Concerns
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Addressing concerns such as: trauma, depression, anxiety, personality disorders
  • Chemical Dependency Assessments
  • Chemical Dependency Treatment
  • LBGTQ 
  • Uncoupling
  • Grief and Loss


  • Divorce/Separation: helping to support family changes
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy: 4-6 month program for parent and child 
  • Filial Therapy: Parent and child play therapy
  • Parent Coaching: Helping parents with strategies to support their child
  • Traditional Family Therapy: Providing support for difficult family concerns
  • Reunification Therapy

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