Play Therapy Training MAY 19th 8:00am - 4:00pm

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Play therapy is often thought of as either non-directive or directive but this workshop will help to explain more about play therapy and the continuum of play therapy approaches. It will also help participants view play therapy as more of a fluid process. Join Megan and Christina as they focus on how to incorporate both views in the playroom.

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EMDR Training with Monica O'Connell

Cedar Valley is hosting EMDR Level I training by Monica O'Connell MA LMFT LADC through the Institute for Creative mindfulness. Level II will be in July 2017.

Basic EMDR level 1 training March 29, 30, 31 from 8am to 5pm each day (lunch on your own) Cost is $625 for each level

Location: Cedar Valley Center for Child & Family Therapy 3460 Washington Drive Suite 206 Eagan, MN 55122

Find out more information about the basic training, our curriculum and FAQs on the website at

Contractor Postion Open at Cedar Valley

Cedar Valley Center for Child & Family Therapy is a private practice clinic that provides services to adults, families, teens and children. Cedar Valley has openings for professionals that have experience working with adults, teens and chemical dependency. Our clinic has clinicians with diverse specialties and provides a supportive work environment. We are looking for independently licensed professionals or practitioners close to licensure with knowledge of chemical dependency. This is a contracted position and would require both day and evening availability.

For more information or to send us your Resume and letter of interest email Christina at

What is Play Therapy

There are several different types of Play Therapy. At Cedar Valley we believe that we need to fit the therapeutic intervention to the child and not fit the child into the therapeutic intervention. This allows us to offer several different types of Play Therapy. We offer Non-Directive, Directive, Filial, and PCIT.

Non-Directive: In this type of play therapy the child leads the play and the therapist follows. Play is the natural language of children, and toys become the words they use to communicate, represent their world. The therapist provides a safe place where the child is free to be who they are. The therapist helps the child process their experiences by reflecting themes of play and by taking a role in the play.

Directive: In this type of play therapy the therapist will have activities specifically designed to address concerns for the child. Through this type of play a child can process their experiences and express their feelings without the pressures of traditional talk therapy.

Filial: In this type of play therapy the child’s parent enters the playroom. The child’s parent learns the techniques of Non-directive Play Therapy and reflects themes and emotions expressed. This can be helpful for parents to experience their child’s world and increase their bond.

PCIT: In this type of play therapy parent and child complete a 4-6 month process that teaches specific interactions within a supportive therapy setting. These interventions are designed to strengthen attachment between caregiver and child as well as minimize negative and oppositional behaviors.

Our Savage, MN Clinic is Moving!

On June 1, 2016 Cedar Valley will be moving our Savage, MN clinic and it's services to our new expanded space in Eagan, MN. We will continue to provide substance abuse treatment as well as be able to expand our mental health services.

Our new space offers a large group room and several therapy offices. This will help us to provide more specialized groups and to increase our services for individual treatment needs.

The new space is just 12 miles away from our current space and is located at 3460 Washington Drive Suite 206 Eagan, MN 55122.

MN ADOPT Training

Join Chrisitna Corwin on October 22, 2015 for her presentation for MN ADOPT on Healing Trauma: A Guide for Parents. She will talk about the impact of trauma and ways parents can help repair attachment.

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