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Dorothee Tshiela, MA, LPCC

Life at times can be overwhelming and filled with various ups & downs.Therapy gives us the time and space to put ourselves first, in a supportive and healthy environment. You have started the work to find the therapist who is a good fit for you! I am direct in my approach to therapy. I also use humor, empathy and compassion with my clients. I take the time needed to build relationships with my clients where they get to know me and I get the chance to know them & their families

Specialties are: depression, adoption, anxiety, trauma, self esteem issues, life stressors, trouble dealing with anger, self-harming behaviors, difficulty managing relationships, school performance decline, major or minor life transitions, domestic violence, sexual assault, lack of motivation, grief/loss, family problems/stressors and relationship issues.

I have worked with racial and ethnic minority groups, immigrants and first generation Americans. Though I do not hold an LGBTQ+ identity, I do my best to hold safe space for all  communities. 

I work with ages 13 and older,  couples, and families. I see clients on Fridays only from 10am-3pm. 

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